Introducing the Spring 2022 Issue

Welcome to the spring issue of Liner Notes Magazine. First, I would like to thank all of you for subscribing. I am very grateful for your support and for taking a chance on this new musical venture. 

CRQ readers who enjoyed the writings of Editor Alan Sanders and regular contributors David Pat- more and Jon Tolansky will be pleased to know that they will be joining us and providing interesting articles and profiles. We hope to welcome additional writers in the near future .

Thanks to Dr. Gary Lemco, we are now offering the beginnings of a regular CD / download review section – see page 183.

We are lucky to have the versatile and engaging conductor John Mauceri with us for the spring issue (see Roger Pines’s interview with him on page 66). In addition to sharing his new book, The War on Music (see review on page 195), he reflects on his long and remarkable career, rich with memorable moments and also some listening recommendations.

We hope our profile of Adrian Siegel — cellist, oboist and “First Camera” of the Philadelphia Or- chestra — will prove fascinating. Over a 40-year period, he took some 300,000 photos of the Fabu- lous Philadelphians, their Music Directors, as well as guest conductors and soloists, with a number of amusing anecdotes behind each – see page 118.

For those who count themselves particularly devoted fans of the Cleveland Orchestra, our articles on conductors Nikolai Sokoloff (page 85) and Artur Rodzinski (page 136) will shed new light on their contributions to promoting what are now standard repertory works and to music in general.

Thank you again for joining us. Warm wishes, Joe

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