Welcome to Liner Notes Magazine, a new quarterly dedicated to historical artists and recordings, from 78’s through the mono era, and with an emphasis on the golden era of the LP.

We will also profile those “behind the scenes” – the producers, sound engineers, cover art designers, and the many other talented individuals who made memorable albums possible.

The word “historical” does not necessarily signify “famous”. Thus, we hope to shine a light on artists who never achieved marquee fame or left large discographies, but whose work is no less exalted than their more famous peers. And though there will be a particular focus on the LP era, more recent developments will be explored as well.

This venture was very much inspired by the sorely missed Classical Recordings Quarterly, edited by Alan Sanders and Tully Potter. I was an occasional contributor to CRQ and wrote the cover article on Sarasate for the Spring 2012 issue shown at right.

At the moment, Liner Notes Magazine does not carry a review section per se, only for lack of being able to pay reviewers. As our subscription base hopefully expands, then reviews will be added. Such writers as Alan Sanders, Tully Potter, David Patmore and others have expressed their willingness to contribute articles once remuneration is possible, which is as it should be.

We also hope to offer unique coupons, available only to subscribers, good at other classical music-related websites, as well as bonus issues and other interesting material.

Besides the emotional, physical and even spiritual lift that music gives us, it can also be hugely enjoyable and entertaining. With that in mind, Liner Notes Magazine will also include a bit of “light music” or divertimenti. These will consist of classical music-themed fun and games, designed exclusively for Liner Notes Magazine, and geared towards an adult level – e.g., crossword puzzles, coloring pages, word searches, trivia challenges, and more.

Until then, each issue will feature 2 to 4 full-length articles and a host of recurring departments.

Please join us.