A New Quarterly Classical Music Magazine

Dedicated to great artists and recordings of the past
from the 78 rpm through the mono LP era
with a particular emphasis on vinyl and historical recordings

We will also profile those "behind the scenes" - the producers, sound engineers, cover art designers, and the many other talented individuals who made great albums possible.

In addition to full-length articles, each issue will contain recurring features:

  • > Cover artist profile: examining the life & work of famous artists like Alex Steinweiss
    > Store focus: profiling an online or brick-and-mortar shop somewhere in the world
    > Label focus: profiling a label dedicated to historical recordings
    > Interviews with prominent and interesting individuals in the music industry
    > Book Department: delving into various worthwhile titles, both new and old
    > Film Department: spotlighting lesser-known music-related movies and documentaries
    > Far East buying guide: exploring the Japanese and South Korean CD & LP markets
    > Portraiture & Design: examining the various designs gracing a given LP issue
    > From the archives: highlighting a now forgotten recording (and/or artist) of real merit
    > Desert Island Discs: indisputably great recordings from classical music's back catalog
    > Seller's Space: aimed specifically at dealers, but also hopefully of wider interest, too
    > On the web: pages of interest to collectors, scholars, and music lovers
    > R&R: a lighter section with a classical music-themed crossword puzzle and other games and coloring pages, all specially commissioned for the current issue

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