Introducing our Inaugural Issue

Welcome to the premiere issue of Liner Notes Magazine, a new quarterly dedicated to historical artists and recordings, from 78’s through the mono era, and with an emphasis on the golden era of the LP.

Liner Notes Issue 1 Cover

We will also profile those “behind the scenes” – the producers, sound engineers, cover art designers, and the many other talented individuals who made memorable albums possible.

A few quick housekeeping” notes: given the length of each issue, I’ve placed a “mini” Table of Contents @ every 20 pages to asist the reader. While most ads (fully indexed on p. 260) are decorative in nature, (poetic license has been taken with their presentation), some are genuine – click here if you wish to place an ad.

This venture was very much inspired by the sorely missed Classical Recordings Quarterly, edited by Alan Sanders and Tully Potter. I was an occasional contributor to CRQ and wrote the cover article on Sarasate shown at right.

At the moment, Liner Notes Magazine does not carry a review section per se, only for lack of being able to pay reviewers. As our subscription base hopefully expands, then reviews will be added.

I believe in credit where credit is due and have done my very best to fully acknowledge all contributions and sources used herein.

We also hope to offer unique coupons*, available only to subscribers, good at other classical music-related websites, as well as bonus issues and other interesting material.

Please visit our Divertimenti section, with various games, challenges and coloring pages, all specially commissioned for this issue.

I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you for joining us. Warm wishes, Joe

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